Friday, 7 June 2013

Database Web Development

Database Web development provides websites with dynamic content. Dynamic content is used in e-commerce, product pages, article websites and blogs. The development and design of the databases determines the performance and accuracy for the website. Database Web development is an essential part of the design and coding steps that create each Web page.


The database design for Web development is used to determine where each piece of data is stored. The tables contain the website information. The database design and development determine where these elements are located in the tables. Data should not have duplication to avoid data integrity issues. Some companies hire an outside administrator to design the database, because poor design can also lead to poor performance.


The two common databases are MySQL and SQL Server. Oracle is also used, but Oracle is the most expensive and it is often used in enterprise organizations. MySQL is freely distributed, so it is included with many free forum and blog templates. SQL Server is a Microsoft product for small to medium-size businesses. Both types can handle thousands of records and can scale to meet the needs of growing businesses.


The two most common features required in database Web design are the tables and layout and the stored procedures. The tables hold the data, and the stored procedures retrieve the data from the tables. The stored procedures return the table's data to the Web application. These also need careful design to ensure all the data is sent to the application. Security and user permissions also need design time from developers.


The size of the database varies depending on the type of Web project. E-commerce designs are more extensive, because the Web design requires more products, checkout features and customer orders. Simple content sites such as blogs or article directories require more hard drive space to contain the article content, but the table design is less extensive. As the business grows, the design needs to scale to contain the information without filling the server's hard drive.


When designing Web databases, always use primary keys on each table. Primary keys improve performance and use less resources to retrieve the data. If the company plans to grow, ensure the database server's hard drive space is enough to handle the design. Each table should contain one set of data such as the customer information, orders or billing or shipping information. Provide sufficient security and password protect the database to prevent unauthorized access.


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