Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Build Your Web Design Portfolio

You need a web designer to have a portfolio of quality in order to attract and retain customers. At the beginning, it can be difficult to know how to create a portfolio to show their talents.

The best place to start is with your own sites. If you have created designs for your personal website or blog, you make a good starting point. Having your own website is really a necessity as customers expect that a web designer would also be a webmaster.

Some designers prefer to focus on a particular type of site or a particular topic. Becoming an expert in a specific area can bring customers through word of mouth. For example, you can focus your efforts on Web Design. Your portfolio may include sites of a personal injury lawyer or a moving company. If you are just starting, offer their services for free to different companies or nonprofit organizations. Having these sites as part of its portfolio will allow secure gainful employment in the future.

Your portfolio should show his range as an artist. Must include business sites and personal sites, no matter if you are focusing your attention on any of them. If you do most of your online business, a website that shows screenshots and even demonstrations of the functionality of the sites is a must. Price lists and testimonials from customers as well as a biography and contact details should be included. If you have received any training or professional certification must include this too.

If you are looking for local businesses, will have to print screenshots on photographic quality paper. These should be placed in protective sleeves and arranged with an attractive cover. Having a professional looking portfolio when meeting with potential clients is essential to convince them that you are the person for the job.

Remember to continue to add to their portfolio as your business grows. As your skill and increases the number of satisfied customers, your portfolio should reflect these advances. The larger and more diverse your portfolio is, the more customers you attract.

However, you do not need a big wallet to start. If there was quality websites for you and your friends, this is enough to start. Your portfolio should be a work in progress, and will grow with your business.


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