Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tips for Improving Your Website's Usability

Creating an attractive website is not all you need to take a hit, but it also has to be easy to use. Visitors do not want to waste too much time looking for a home page to find what you are looking for, the information is easier to find more time will remain on your website. So we provide you with some helpful tips to increase the usability of your website.

If you have designed your own website for what you have done in order to drive traffic to your website and increase sales of your company. You have a better chance of success if your website is easy to use and the information provided is easy to understand and find. Provide your visitors easily accessible information will go a long way to keep your customers coming back again and again. The following tips are designed to give you some ideas that can be used to increase the usability of your website.

1. Keep it short and sweet: It has been said that websites users have short attention spans. Most users scan a web page for specific keywords that are relevant to their needs. Due to this fact, keeping your articles short boost readability and keep the visitor interested in the information you have to offer.

2. Break Up Long articles: Using titles summarize each section of a long article will help the user to find all the relevant information more quickly. When we look at a website that tend to scan the headlines and not the entire page. The use of attention, pique the interest holders of the reader and keep them in place already.

3. Make your web pages Scan Environment: Site visitors As noted above tend to scan a web page for relevant information. If you make your articles more newsworthy items first that will help the user to find what they are looking for faster. This can be done by making the first account of two words, users tend to only read the first words of headings, titles and links. Using keywords in website titles front loaded, titles and links increases the usability of your website.

4. Use bullets in providing information: Studies show that users tend to focus more on the information presented using bullets. Bullets help your look more important and stand apart from the base of the article. The use of bullets also accelerates the reading breaking down the information into smaller sections and a quick way to get key points through your readers and keep their attention span.

While these are just some of the many ways in which you can increase the usability of your website, which have proven effective in increasing usability. Remember to keep the relevant information in the top and make your page easier for users to read and use will increase.


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