Monday, 15 April 2013

Promoting Your Sites With SEM and SEO

SEM and SEO are two techniques that are very famous for site owners who want to promote our sites well to gain more visitors to visit our websites. What are they? Speaking of own acronym, representing Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. However, to really know about what they are and how they can help promote our websites, we will explore the terms one by one.

Search Engine Marketing

When we speak of the SEM, we are talking about online marketing SEM made by companies to promote our sites to acquire greater visibility in the search engines results pages, or what is generally known as search engine pages results (SERP). Includes ads with links to sites that usually appear on the top or side of search engine results pages that we see in the Google results pages.

How much? Generally, Search Engine Marketing can be calculated with Pay Per Click (PPC). This means that companies have to pay when someone clicks on the links to websites located in the pages of search results and when someone visits our sites.

This method could be positive or negative. It could be positive so that the calculation is counted from the number of people who visit our site and click on the link. So we can say it's pretty fair. However, we must also consider that there may be people who click fraud by clicking on the links all the time without having a real interest in our websites.

This means you pay more than necessary because in reality these people are not really the real visitors to our websites. Click fraud has been quite common in business as there have been human or automated script or program made for clicking on ads websites. Therefore, taking care is actually suggested.

Besides PPC, SEM also includes banner ads or place ads on websites other people. Unlike Pay Per Click, these ads that charges monthly payment or you can pay the cost per print.

Like the PPC, this also has a positive and negative side. It is good if we want to avoid click fraud and paying too much fake clicks only irresponsible people. However, you can also have a negative impact, as we still have to pay no matter that no one by clicking or visiting our websites.

In short, if we choose to purchase a service SEM, we have to first decide the budget for online marketing and think well what kind of method you would like to use to promote our sites with search engine marketing method.

Search Engine Optimization

And now, we take a look at what exactly is Search Engine Optimization. For starters, it is a method to improve our websites instead of search results pages (SERP). It consists of two concepts, on page and off-page optimization. What are they?

When we are talking about on-page optimization, we are talking about the best we can do within our Web sites, such as the title tag, keywords, content, hyperlinks, keywords, meta tags, link structure, map site, URL keywords and original content quality. We must maximize all of them.

For example, when we are choosing keywords to anything in our websites, make sure that the keywords used to represent well our websites and those words are sufficient, but not exceeding inside web pages. This is to ensure that our websites are well and to ensure that our websites have good positions in the SERP.

Next, let's talk about off-page optimization. What is it? While on-page optimization works as are within our web sites, on-page optimization strategies is that we do outside of our websites. Above all, it tries to link the development of the capacity and reputation to survive well in the business. But how do you do exactly?

We can improve our link-building and reputation by blogging, community building or group of social networking websites like Facebook, forum postings with signatures and links to our websites, directory submissions and search engine , social bookmarking, article submissions and press releases to article sites and press release sites and post customer testimonials on review sites.

SEO, as it is on page or off page, requires a lot of work to do on our part. However, the results come to us if we do it the right way and continues, may be more than our expectations. Moreover, if we are willing to do all the work, Search Engine Optimization could be a more affordable way to promote our sites, but of course, if we have the budget to do both SEO and SEM, we can choose to do the two methods at the same time.


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