Saturday, 2 February 2013

How To Do SEO: Google SEO Tips

It's very important to optimize your website and make it search engine optimization friendly --that's why you need to learn how to do SEO with these cool Google SEO tips. If you rank well on specific words, this will allow many people to find your content easily. That's why outside consultants believe SEO is a really lucrative field. You can take plenty of steps to learn "how to do SEO along with Google SEO tips" on your own, and to improve your website ranking without the expense of hiring a specialist, though!

Let's have a look at these options one-by-one.

1.Sub-directories vs. Sub-domains.

This is a strategic question you need to think of early. Search engines rank sub-domains as though they are individual websites. Sub-directories are ranked as part of the larger site. If you have very diverse subjects that you want to handle separately, sub-domains are the way to go. If your entire online presence is very focused, sub-directories will be more effective.

2. Another tip on how to do SEO and google SEO tips, is ... Alt tags for images!

In the html code for any web page, you can include an Alt tag that will be displayed to viewers who load the page with images disabled. This practice has grown less common as Internet connections get faster and faster, but Alt tags are still important. The text of alt tags is read by search engine indexing robots, so you can gain a significant advantage by using tags that include your most important keywords.

3.The next cool tip on how to do SEO is extensive use of sensible internal links.

You might be building your website with some pretty powerful software. Many web design programs save you a lot of time, but they don't always produce good results from an SEO standpoint. Inspect your site's internal links and URLs. Any of them that look like should be replaced with clear links that include keywords.  Like Alt tags, these kinds of links also will contribute to page ranking.


Note that in that last example URL, the individual words were separated by hyphens. This is no accident! While learning how to do SEO and gettinng some google SEO tips, you want to use hyphens in URLs and tags throughout your site. This is because search engines read hyphens as breaks between words. Underscores, the most common alternative separator, do not work that way. "your-product-features" will read as three words; "your_product_features" will read as one word, yourproductfeatures, which is unlikely to be a common search term.

5. Blogs: Sticky posts.

If your site includes a blog, take advantage of the powerful benefits of sticky posts. These are blog posts that are "pinned" to the top of the blog. They will appear on every blog page your visitors navigate to. This is a great way to prominently feature important content without duplicating it over and over. Duplicate content can be very bad for your search engine ranking.

6. Blogs: Tag clouds?

Tag clouds - automatically-generated indexes to tags that occur frequently on your blog - are very popular. They are not always a good idea from a search engine optimization standpoint, though. You need to consider all of the navigation options you offer to your blog visitors. If a tag cloud is just one of many ways readers can navigate, it could be producing a lot of duplicate links. If you're interested in how to do SEO and to improve your site's search engine ranking, give the above google SEO tips a try. They may well make a significant difference for you! There are lots of other SEO tweaks you can handle on your own, too.

Keep learning how to do SEO and how to improve your site with other google SEO tips and you can turn yourself into your own optimization specialist!


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