Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Web Application Development - Basic Knowledge

The Internet has changed radically since it came into existence. The Internet evolution has not stopped, but is still in development. Somewhere someone is developing a new technology or trying to improve the current technology available for web application development. The positive changes that are taking place on all fronts of the internet. The best example of this is the increasing availability of the Internet not only through desktop computers, but also mobile devices.

Application development is about the development of applications that can be presented on the Internet user in the form of a software package. The best example and the most common application is the web site.

The first thing that should be known and understood before any web development project is to assess your needs. There may be different web application needs, such as the promotion of products or services, or may be sharing information or even just socialize. This is from the perspective of the Web application owner. This is not enough. The web application developer should also take into account the interest of the target audience or market segment.

Technology is improving day by day and the application must be developed with the optimal use of the latest technology available. When the application is developed with the help of the latest technology of the results is supposed to be better than the previous technology with old.

The application security is now the main concern of web application developers. Today online shoppers not only want to place orders through the application, but also want to pay bills through the web application. This implies that the tools used for the transfer must be fully insured especially with reference to the username and password used to transfer money.

When any Web application must be development, the developer must first decide on the type of service offered by the application. The three types of services offered by the application are business services, service user and service data. Before beginning work on any project application developer must evaluate available resources and technical skills of the team developing. The budget allocation should be a major consideration before starting the development of web applications.

Web application development can be completed in four stages. The first step is the preparation of the draft provision on the direction, focus and project features are included at this stage. The plan of the entire project was created in the second stage. The third stage involves the development of projects according to the needs identified above. The project can not be said to be competed unless the stability of the test project. This check is carried out in the fourth stage of application development. The development project has to be divided into four steps above to ensure that the application serves the purpose for which it was created.

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