Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Top Five Web Design Considerations

These days, creating a website design from scratch is an important decision that many small and large businesses have to make every single day. Most organizations know that an effective web design will grow your customer base and increase your overall sales. By following a few easy web design tips your website design can be used as an effective sales tool in the growth of your business.

Try and Keep it simple
At a glance visitors to your site should easily be able to understand the content purpose of your website. This is accomplished by ensuring that the website design is as simple and as uncluttered as possible. Try not too over burden your visitors by adding too much information and excessive small text. Simple, clear sign posting and navigation systems will aid your visitors and enhance their experience which can result in longer stays and more contacts.

Create a Colour Scheme
If you limit the amount of colors web design uses the final design will be more together and professional looking. A common colour scheme is to use a single colour plus white, black and shades of grey. Most websites derive their colour scheme from their logo, staying consistent provides the visitor with a much more robust experience helps maintain the overall appearance of the website.

Keep the Navigation Simple
If your website has a lot of content split into many categories, clear and transparent navigation is an absolute must. You should also think about adding a comprehensive sitemap. It's imperative that your visitors can easily access your content in as few clicks as possible. Many websites also display their navigation systems in the sidebar and at the bottom of the website.

Use High Quality Collateral
Try to ensure all your images are of the best quality possible and your videos of the highest resolution possible. If you can, try not to use too many effect laden graphics as they can distract the visitor from the pertinent information you have on the page. They also add to the time it takes your pages to load.

Create Unique, High Quality Content
Once you're completely happy that your final web design is looking sharp, organised and totally professional, it's important to make ensure your content is totally unique, keywords optimised, snappy and coherent. Knowing your audience and a firm grasp of your company will help set the tone for your content.

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